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Board Comm Packages


Business Driver Alignment

Custom calibration of your Security program strategy and roadmap with your company's strategic drivers and C-Suite imperatives in two weeks...

all performed by an experienced CISO!



Ideal for:

  • Presenting to your Board and/or Leadership 

  • Requesting budget and resources

  • Demonstrating the Security team's impact on the business

What you will receive:

  • Executive report, documenting the final results

  • Results report, including clear guidance on communicating with the Board and leadership

  • Custom executive materials, including presentation graphics, which may be reused

  • Two (2) vCISO advisory hours (good for one year) for fine-tuning

  • Six (6) hours of interviews/ meetings


Board Meeting Preparation

Experienced support to help you be on your A game when it's your time to present to the Board. We will review and update/fine tune your content, advise on your script, and participate in two practice rounds with you to make sure you are ready!


What you will receive:

  • Review and make applicable updates to content

  • Advice on your script and recommendations

  • Two (2) hours for practice

  • Discounted vCISO advisory hours are available for when content needs to be created


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